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SpeachMe is a video knowledge transfer and collaboration solution for large globally dispersed enterprises. With SpeachMe, organizations can improve productivity, lower training costs and reduce downtime by enabling workers to create, view and share interactive how-to presentations anywhere and on any device. The Speach is the ideal format for quickly sharing brief video tutorials and digitizing knowledge sharing in any environment. Structured in chapters, Speaches are a maximum of 10 minutes and feature video from a smartphone, tablet or webcam. Speaches combine slides, screen recordings and can be enriched with annotations and quizzes to enhance technical training, new product demonstrations, IT tutorials or internal communications. Speaches can be accessed through a secure and searchable portal or by scanning a QR code in the field. SpeachMe content can also be viewed in a LMS, SharePoint, Slack or any enterprise platform already in place. Our customers include Airbus, Air Liquide, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, GE, PwC or Valeo. SpeachMe is backed by Alven Capital and Red River West.


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Java Play Framework, CSS3, HTML5, Groovy, Jenkins, AWS, Vue.js, Kotlin, Node.js

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